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Welcome to EPISODES-The Movie, a full-service Movie Production Company dedicated to producing exceptional content for various client needs. Now featuring the EPISODES - a behavioral health project to include a pilot movie, streaming TV series, community/school/medical school training, leadership development designed to foster enduring impact. The "project is a for profit and NFP collaboration/partnership - all co-designed by Peter Hertsgaard and Tom McNulty.

We are more than just a production company - we provide additional services in order to ensure that each video we produce is smart, engaging, and achieves its purpose.


Get in touch with us to learn what we can do for your business . Contact Tom McNulty at (716) 481-4578 or by email at

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Share a story. Why is our movie, EPISODES important today?

What do you think the critical message in the movie should be using one word?


Peter Hertsgaard, MFA

Tom McNulty, M.S.

Stories are discovered and crafted in many creative ways from traditional planning, to storyboards, the creative arts, a photograph, and your ideas!

We help you develop your story so it achieves the outcome and enduring impact you seek to achieve.

Our EPISODES project is based on the chronic failure of today's behavioral health system and so we tell our multiple stories using the creative arts of film, writing, photography, and a strong depth of knowledge in behavioral health.

I've met with Mr. Alan Zweibel, one of the original writers of Saturday Night Live. He wrote: Point-Counterpoint, "No Coke, Pepsi Deli", Roseanne Roseanadana (Gilda Radner), Samurai Delicatessen, Bass-O-Matic, and many more extremely memorable skits. He's written several movies and books and he happens to be a University of Buffalo graduate. I met him for three straight years he was part of a Summer Writing Institute in Buffalo, N.Y. Now you know the story, but here's the message. Alan said, "write what you know." And so I (we) have.


Episodes' Allie sits in a half filled tub as her isolation, self-doubt, and anger exhaust her. It's her safe place.

Storytelling, in the Episodes, centers around a 15 year old girl named Allie. What's her story? Will she tell it?

Using an image in concert with an experience -can you see a story here? How does it begin?

It is our belief, backed by metrics, that the behavioral health system has been a major failure. Too many troubled people have sought help only to have limited access, get misdiagnosed, have no multi-disciplinary treatment team, inconsistent care, encounter law enforcement  who are poorly trained in de-escalation, and the failures mount. Recently, it was reported that the last 66 shootings, with multiple deaths and injuries, were  perpetrated by people who were in the behavioral health system but fell through the gaps into a dark spiral  leading to death.

This is happening everywhere and it's blatantly unacceptable. The behavioral health systems they entered failed them and us.

The EPISODES project addresses this in a very creative way with emphasis on enduring impact and longitudinal follow up. Tom McNulty has 40+ years of behavioral health experience giving him a strong  perspective on the issues.

The EPISODES will feature their stories and provide solution movement to foster enduring impact.What we have is NOT working! Would you like to help us?

Most medical schools do not have curriculum on addiction medicine

Tell me about this story. Did it have to end this way? No one saw the warning signs? The loss of hope? Sadness? Changes in her words, her appearance, her engagement with others - what did you miss? Most importantly, would you have known what to do? You are not alone. The vast majority of her friends didn't while others thought it was just a tough episode in her life and she'll bounce back.

Was she in therapy? Did her primary care physician ever talk to her about emotional health or conduct a basic assessment - do a toxicology screening? A tremendous amount of lip service is given to the buzz phrases: integrative health, parity, holistic care, yet in every day primary care, urgent care, or emergency care little to no attention is given to behavioral health - just the "presenting problem" (black eye, DWI, head trauma, confusion, gastrointestinal pain, sleep deprivation).

Too many lives lost despite obvious intervention moments and opportunities for kindness.

Try "Active Listening"

Tom McNulty, MS and Peter Hertsgaard, MFA of The Episodes Project

(Episodes-The Movie, Spotlight on the Community, and "the EPISODES")

Based on true episodes about pain, abandonment, addiction, mental illness, school shootings, human trafficking, sexual assaults, trauma, overdose, suicide, and a new approach to behavioral health.

Contact Tom McNulty for more information:

Thank you!

Tom & Peter

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