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When you feel alone, misunderstood, and lost about what to do is the exact time to reach out to your primary care physician and ask for a referral to a therapist who truly will be able to help you because they have expertise in what you are experiencing. Sadly, this doesn't happen the way it should.

Isn't it very disheartening when others tell you "just go to the ER" or they tell you to call a psychiatrist when maybe you could truly benefit from supportive group therapy? We feel getting the proper referral to the right level of care at the earliest time is more effective. Far too many people have a bad first experience with a random referral that they do not return. Our Spotlight on the Community component of The Episodes Project addresses this problem by training and coaching a community's frontline stakeholders so they know how to make a productive and successful referral that creates enduring impact.

"Tragically, too many people do not get the help they need because the traditional referral process is badly broken."
-Tom McNulty, M.S. Behavioral Health Expert (45 years)

Are you wondering why these group therapy seats are empty? Workforce shortage? Nope! They are empty because nobody knows about this group. Failed communication is an enormous problem in behavioral health.

What amount of drugs will cause an overdose? Where do you keep powerful medications? Do you know anyone who died from an overdose?

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MindSet 2022-2023 is a podcast focused on behavioral health, neurology, and the integration of medical and behavioral health. Broadcast on Spotify, Buzzsprout, Apple, Amazon, Podchaser, and many others.

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Video Updates from Tom McNulty, M.S.

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