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Co-Creator, Director, Co-Writer, Executive Producer
President, Board of Directors of EMP
President, Invizion

Get in Touch (415) 729-1503
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Co-Creator, Co-Writer, Executive Producer, Photographer,
Treasurer, Board of Directors of EMP
Founder/Chair: Spotlight on Hope, Inc.
Founder/President: Success Stories, Inc.

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Erica Arvold
Erica has spent 30 years as a casting director, educator, speaker, producer, writer, director, and advocate for screen artists. Erica has contributed to, participated in, or helmed the making of over 140 films, 85 television shows, and countless multimedia and commercial projects (Lincoln, House of Cards, Black Adam (2021), Swagger (2021), Red Notice (2021), Dopesick (2021). Erica has offices in Charlottesville, VA, and Atlanta, GA with an in-depth knowledge of actors based on the East Coast (including New York) as well as Los Angeles.

We feel extremely fortunate to have someone of Erica's 
caliber and experience on our team.

Kirk T. Schroder & Joan B. Davis

Kirk is our entertainment attorney at Schroder Brooks Law Firm PLC in Virginia. He, along with Joan B. Davis, has been critical to our legal and procedural matters, including the formation of Episodes Motion Pictures and the filing of our Trademarks.

Linda Joseph & Alicia Rood
Linda and Alicia are both well-known and highly regarded attorneys located in Buffalo, New York at Schroder, Joseph & Associates, LLP. They have masterfully crafted contractual agreements, intellectual property contracts, kept us on the steady path toward success, and have graciously added to our creative process from the very beginning. Their skills, research, preparation, and delivery are beyond our wildest expectations. They are the best - ask anyone!

Cathy Kaiser Design 
Cathy has been with us from the beginning, too. Tom has successfully worked with Cathy for years and he brought her into this project to develop our logo (see Home Page), Trademark, presentations, and the Spotlight on Hope, Inc. logo in 2005. She is so very creative and easy to work with.
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