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Welcome to Episodes-The Movie (part of The Episodes Project), a full-length feature film produced by Peter Hertsgaard, M.F.A. and Tom McNulty, M.S. of Episodes Motion Pictures - a comprehensive movie production company dedicated to creating exceptional content films confronting and advocating on behalf of the human experience. We are more than just a production company - we provide additional services in order to ensure that each project we produce is smart, engaging, moves emotion to action, and achieves its purpose for prolonged sustainability. Learn more about "the EPISODES"  here and get in touch with us to explore your dream.

This site serves as the HOME of our current major project known as Episodes-The Movie and  "the EPISODES" the brand including our two-tiered direction in a for-profit film/TV initiative and a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit (via Spotlight on Hope, Inc.) details to follow.

Please visit often for updates on "the EPISODES".

Thank you.

Tom and Peter

Tom McNulty & Peter Hertsgaard
EPISODES LOGO 2 w TAG LINE   5-19-21.jpg

 This photo was taken minutes after we put our pen and pencil down as we realized the script was finished. Yes, we made a few changes here and there, but the core of our story had reached  it's critical ending.We wrote at Sweetness 7 in Buffalo, N.Y. often.

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Welcome to Episodes-The Movie and "the EPISODES" - a project of Episodes Motion Pictures - and thank you for taking interest in our exciting venture.

UPDATE: In 2021, the CDC reported 100,003 overdose deaths involving opioids, cocaine, and fentanyl. The daily suicide rate in the USA is 130 individuals.


Please watch the short film above to discover and feel the sad reality and passion and why EPISODES is so critical. 

Thank you.

Peter and Tom

Our inspiration comes from many sources, doesn't it? We are only restricted by our own imagination and our passion to make a difference to the human experience.

"Every picture tells a story" - Sir Rod Stewart

...and we learn that every life matters. Each flag represents a life lost to Covid 19 - Washington, DC


Like what you see? Get in touch with us to have us produce your next clip.

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